Let’s get real here…..this blog isn’t about me pretending to be the “ideal super woman” that some women want to be.  The reality is…..99% of the time that is just a front.

If we spent more time working towards becoming the most amazing version of ourselves possible and less time worried about how others see us……the world would be full of badass human beings….all 100x closer to their greatest potential..

The truth is…I AM a super woman and I bet you are too!


Snapshot_31How do you know? Well, I can tell you that it’s not…

  • Having a spotless house 24/7
  • Cooking all meals from scratch
  • Being the fittest woman in town
  • Having the smartest kids in class
  • Being the richest family on the block


But more like…

  • Doing something healthy for yourself every day
  • Having a safe home environment
  • Feeding your children something nutritious every day
  • Making sure they know they are loved

Ok, maybe I’m simplifying it…alot….but you get my point.

We bust our tails every day for our little terds, booger butts, booboos (or insert the goofy, endearing name chosen for your kids). Do we really care for ourselves with that much vigor? Where would your family be without you? It’s time to get your priorities straight and numeral uno is YOUR HEALTH & WELLNESS! This isn’t being selfish, it’s being responsible and self competent!

My background is in Childcare, Massage Therapy, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Nutrition and Internet Marketing.

I am well versed in personal care, childcare, and financial responsibilities.

But honestly…… life is hard!!!

I know the struggles of trying to balance caring for children, the home, starting a business, keeping a healthy relationship with my lover ALL while working towards becoming my greatest potential and guiding others to do the same WHEW!

Sometimes all we need is a little guidance and support from each other 😉

I’m a real person who loves to share dreams, goals & even obstacles. So find me on FutureNet or Facebook and send me a chat!

Much Love,